Company dedicated to the manufacture of bunk beds for Contract services (hostels, hostels, hotels ...). The 30M2 bunkers are characterized by their great robustness without renouncing design or comfort.

We offer all kinds of bunks to fit into any project, with small custom modifications and the offer of other accessories as a complement.

We work to make a simple, yet practical, robust product and above all we offer the possibility of customizing the product according to the client's needs. Our mission is for the customer to obtain what they are looking for in addition to an exceptional added value.


we highlight


The Intimate Locker line, in addition to creating more intimate spaces within its collective facilities, offers the best solution of space and storage through two very large lockers housed under the lower bed.

Intimate products include elements such as wood or phenolic panels, curtains, USB connection, LED light source ... The lower bed height allows easy access, even in people with difficulties. Metallic mattress with mattress ventilation.

The assembly of the "Hostel" Intimate Locker is especially simple, only 36 screws, making it ideal for large projects. Maximum charge in each 125 Kg bed.


First name: Jordi Batllé
Position: Co-manager
Phone: (+34) 609 891 864

Polígono Mas d'en Bosch
17500 Ripoll
Girona (Spain)