Alfred Smart is the smart Cloud and IoT solution, which allows homes to go from conventional to smart in less than 24 hours, without works and controllable from the Smartphone or by voice. We have our own Smart technology, simple, wireless and adaptable to any type of installation and space: flats, single-family homes, build-to-rent, buildings, offices and hotels.

At Alfred Smart Systems we are driven by creativity, innovation, perfectionism and the goal of (r) evolving all homes and buildings to make them smart, safe, sustainable and comfortable.

If technology has changed our day to day through apps and smartphones, what do you need to change the spaces where we live and work as well? A technology like ours, simple, complete and affordable, to achieve a goal: to make spaces more efficient, comfortable and safe with Alfred Smart Systems.



we highlight

Detached house in Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona)

Detached house of 350m2, with a large terrace and large windows, design, cozy and modern, where many intelligent functions have been incorporated to enhance the comfort, energy efficiency and safety of all areas of the home. With automations that allow to control the interior and exterior of the house, like the control of the lighting by scenes or probes of flood and of gas to be able to detect quickly any problem in these supplies and allow the closing with electro-valves, and the integration of security alarms as well.


First name: Manuel Berja
Position: CEO Alfred Smart Systems
Phone: (+34) 662 00 14 87

C / d'Aragó 182, attic
08011 Barcelona