Arlex was founded in 1963 with the aim of offering quality home furnishings and competitive conditions. In 1984, it expanded its range of products with office furniture, and the vocation of service was definitively consolidated throughout the company.

Arlex permanently consolidates its leadership in the office furniture and partition walls sector, reinforcing it and expanding it with the opening of new furniture markets for the home.

We always look for an ideal solution for each project, which translates into a clear commitment to a comprehensive service of the equipment. The complicity with the client is the ingredient with which we complement the achievement of an optimal result.

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The objective of the P900 division is to obtain a system to create functional and elegant environments using a small amount of components with respect to a conventional screen. And at the same time, it adapts to any type of spatial configuration or use, conferring a prestigious aspect to a whole without compromising the level of benefits.


First name: Ferran Ballús
Position: Commercial Director
Phone: (+34) 938 615 045

Polígon Industrial Pla de Llerona, Vía Europa 40-42
08520 Les Franqueses del Vallès
Barcelona (Spain)