At Arquetypo, we are part of your team. We develop your custom interior architecture projects. We shape your ideas from the first sketches to installation in work, through technical development and production.

We know the productive processes and their materials, and thus we can guarantee the highest quality in each project. We take care of each detail from beginning to end, developing technical solutions that can withstand the passing of time. We integrate all our productive and installation process vertically, subject to the strictest quality controls.

In this way we guarantee the total integration of the most select raw materials: metals, skins, fabrics, elements of LED lighting, glass and even cutting materials such as carbon fiber. We adapt to your needs proactively thanks to a deep knowledge of our business. All this, applying continuous improvements and taking care of our planet.



Customized projects

We offer a service that allows us to develop and deliver a "tailored suit" for each client. Very high quality furniture, completely customized. We combine crafts with the most advanced materials and technology.


First name: Xavier Pujol
Position: Commercial Director and Marketing
E-mail: comercial@arquetypo.es
Phone: (+34) 937 530 711

Eduard Calvet i Pintó, 10-12
08339 Vilassar de Dalt
Barcelona (SPAIN)