Since its inception in the 1970s, BD has always been an atypical company. That its founders and even owners came from the architecture and not from the business world marked from its beginnings a cult of the beauty of objects in some cases over their function. This coupled with production processes more craft than industrial, facilitated the development of products closer to the art than industrial design.

They are characterized by their highest quality, to be produced in very short series (sometimes they are limited series), and for an artisan manufacture that makes each product unique. In the eighties BD surprised by editing the furniture that Gaudí created for its famous buildings and at the beginning of the nineties it again surprised by presenting exclusively the first collection of furniture and lamps designed by Dalí.

Recently the collections of designers with an accentuated artistic profile such as Jaime Hayon or Doshi Levien have continued to mark this path where design and art are found.



Armchair Grasso, by Stephen Burks

"Grasso is not fat. It's more than big. It's overwhelming." That's how Stephen Burks sums up his new collection for BD. An armchair that pursues a visual "ultra-comfort", and invites you to sit there. The leather upholstery overflows on the iron structure that is left naked to contrast with the luxurious touch of the skin. Available in different colors of structure and upholstery.


First name: Jordi Arnau
Position: General manager
Phone: (+34) 93 458 69 09

C / Ramon Turró, 126
08005 Barcelona
Barcelona (SPAIN)