If you can't go to the forest to breathe clean air, how about you bring the forest to your house? Briiv is a new way to filter air that is an alternative to using HEPA filters and ultraviolet lights for a more natural system.

Briiv uses plant-based filtration systems that are effective against air pollution, but require absolutely no maintenance or irrigation. They do not generate any artificial waste, are completely biodegradable and offer a healthy, natural and aesthetic alternative that is as good as having a mini forest at home. The filters come with a special, sustainably grown moss that purifies the air naturally by trapping harmful particles, killing microorganisms and releasing clean, fresh air. Its inventors claim that Briiv does the same job that 3,000 indoor plants would do.

With an innovative design and halfway between a terrarium and an Apple Homepod, Briiv is an air purifier that can also receive voice commands or through an app.