Central de Pinturas is a company specialized in technical and decorative coatings. We have all kinds of paintings and other materials such as wallpaper. We are a new warehouse specializing in the provision of SMEs and professionals, which is born to help improve the traditional and professional trade of painting.

Our warehouse promotes specialist centers and professionals in the sector who want to enhance their traditional spirit and personalized service throughout their lives, through a careful selection of branded products, and better prices.

We are the best ally for the painting professional who wants to differentiate themselves from the big surfaces and be competitive in the current market.

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Photocatalytic paint decorates the walls, preventing them from rubbing and cleaning the air of pollutants and bad smells.

Photocatalysis is a technology similar to that of photovoltaic panels. It uses the energy of light, natural or artificial, to eliminate contaminating and harmful compounds that embolise and affect the health of people.


First name: Alberto Bertolín
Position: CEO
E-mail: alberto@grupolober.com
Phone: (+34) 627 92 50 69

C. Potosí, 1
08030 Barcelona
Barcelona (Spain)