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Cisal Profesional is the brand specialized in Contract of the group HUBER CISAL INDUSTRIE in Spain. Cisal, born in Italy 70 years ago, and Huber, almost 60 years ago, come together to form the HUBER CISAL INDUSTRIE group, thus offering faucets and thermostats of high design and performance.

With four production centers in Italy, we are leaders in the manufacture of thermostats and are at the forefront of faucet design. Thanks to our know-how, technical office, study and internal development, we have the ability to adapt our thermostatic technologies and traditional taps to any need.

Our company philosophy is based on four fundamental pillars: DESIGN, SAFETY, SUSTAINABILITY AND EFFICIENCY.


we highlight


The Orion faucet line is versatile and personal, offering a multitude of variants in terms of finishes and materials on the same product allowing you to customize to the taste of each project.

Orion is also very attractive with ergonomic lines that combine naturally.


First name: Laura Guitart

Position: Communication and marketing
E-mail: lauraguitart@hubercisal.es
Phone:  (+34) 938 048 341

Ronda de Ponent, 173 local 2
08206 Sabadell