acoustic comfort & interior deco

Sullà Studio is a creative textile design studio. We specialize in the creation of artistic fabric for the application of acoustic solutions and interior decoration.

We design and create sound absorption panels coated with our artistic fabrics. We offer both a tailor-made 100% format (tailormade) and pre-designed panels to choose from in our catalog of designs and fabrics.

Our goal is to provide comfort and uniqueness in the interior spaces to bring well-being to the user, through artistic expression.

Our limited edition artistic fabrics emphasize the personality of each project, giving it a unique and differential character.


we highlight


Restaurant owned by chef Carme Ramilans located in Peratallada, Catalonia. With this project we have solved a serious problem of acoustic reverberation in the main dining room, providing character and aesthetics in accordance with the personality of the restaurant.

We installed, on the vaulted ceiling, sound-absorbing panels created entirely to measure and covered with textile art designed exclusively for the client. We were inspired by a sky of white clouds, cozy and quiet, associating them with feelings of relaxation and comfort.


First name: Clara Sullà

Position: CEO and Creative Director
Phone:  (+34) 653 326 741

Solidaritat, 34 2B
17100 La Bisbal d'Empordà