RS Barcelona expands its collection of Plec tables, growing in shapes and sizes to respond to new uses by contributing its uniqueness and sculptural design to the space.

The Plec coffee table, designed by Antoni Pallejà Office, suggests that you look at it from another perspective. Its renewed shapes and sizes elevate it to a higher level: that of a collection that surprises you with new uses so that you can play with the symmetry of the fold in different spaces.

Plec was born as a rectangular coffee table in three sizes and heights to combine with each other and adapt to any environment, both indoors and outdoors. The unique structure of its legs in the form of an accordion, when it meets the rays of light, creates a play of shadows that floods the room.

Now, without renouncing its sculptural design, Plec is presented in a collection of pieces of different sizes and shapes to respond to new uses.

At rectangular coffee tables the forms are joined to them round, which contrast with the straight lines of their folds creating pieces whose appeal is precisely in their asymmetry.
In the search for other functionalities and as a natural evolution of the rectangular table, Plec is transformed into a desk in which it gives pleasure to work and inspiration comes alone. Its measures
compacts make it the perfect desk to set up your own office in your home or hotel room, creating an atmosphere that invites concentration and not forgetting the comfort and decorative accent of the home.
And in order to pay homage and recover a piece of furniture that time has been relegating to past times, emerges Plec pedestal. Its own form becomes sculpture and imprints even more force on the object resting on it, reaffirming its prominence in space in a perfect symbiosis between object and furniture.

“Plec shows us that, although at first glance it might seem classic, it adapts and mimics in all environments. This is where his personality and uniqueness lies ”, says Antoni Pallejà.
In its sculptural lines and its formal beauty. In the industrial appearance of metal and the timeless elegance of marble when intertwined.
In the sophistication of color in its different shades. With all these elements, Plec deploys its know-how. Its moderate prominence, without raising its voice too much over the other elements. He knows that harmony with space is a team effort.

Intense living products

Intense living it is a way of understanding life, in which the most important thing is to look for the positive side at any time and situation.

It’s about enjoying what you do. Don’t set boundaries and don’t be afraid to go beyond what you know. You take everything as a challenge. It's called healthy competition.
But, despite your eagerness to improve and outdo yourself, you also know how to stop and take your time to breathe. To break the routine. To dedicate yourself and those with whom you share your life. A life that squeezes to the fullest and fills you with unforgettable memories. Memories that make you smile. Or a tear, but of happiness. That they remind you that life is for living it

RS Barcelona products accompany you. They help you to break free from the layers of seriousness that society has imposed on us and to take this child out of the curious and excited eyes you carry inside. They give you the push you needed. But the big step, you have to take it.





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