how do we do it

What is a cluster? How it works? How can you help your organization?

What is a cluster?

A business cluster is a group that can be geographic or thematic of producers, and suppliers of certain products. The idea is that competing companies in the same sector can join to get more business for everyone in general. Spain, and especially the Catalan community, is a pioneering country in cluster preparation and clustering.

Habitat Clúster Barcelona is currently made up of 50 members that billed around 2000 M € / year and have about 3,000 workers.


What does Hàbitat Clúster Barcelona do?

Habitat Cluster Barcelona It is aimed at companies, universities, research centers, the total value chain that is part of the building equipment: bathroom, construction, decoration, rest, energy efficiency, training, lighting, innovation, furniture, flooring and coatings, textiles and sustainability.

The common point of all the companies and entities that we group is the final consumer. Collaboration helps improve economies of scale, but it also offers new business opportunities and the improvement of the user's experience.


Activities and projects developed during 2018


Total participants in activities and projects developed during 2018


Budget for activities and projects during 2018


how we work

Consumer awareness

  • Based on the analysis of the use of the equipment in different spaces
  • Cluster meetings
  • Trend analysis

Projects in collaboration

  • Exploration of new business models
  • Business missions
  • Strategic change
  • Co-creation
  • Co-brading


  • Trend analysis
  • Meetings for the exchange of knowledge
  • Habitat Midday Meeting, an expert will speak and advise us in a key area of our sector.
  • Cluster meetings
  • Visits innovative spaces

Business transformation

  • Improvement of processes
  • Capture, creation and retention of talent
  • Improve business efficiency
  • Improving competitiveness
  • Trainings