Gabriel Lakatos patented in 2018 a construction system replica of the popular LEGO. These are eight different blocks of conglomerate wood that fit together and are sealed with a special glue. The blocks are 30, 60 and 90 centimeters long and are filled with an insulating material. They are so easy to assemble that they allow anyone to build their own home in a few days using this system. In addition, the company of Lakatos, called GABLOK, also offers the service of design of the houses as well as the assembly of the roof that requires some special knowledge.

The result is houses built in a few hours, with virtually no costs beyond the material and with good climatic and acoustic insulation. The constructions can be left to look like wood or they can be painted or made later coatings with other elements that change the image. The GABLOK system also facilitates very possible future extensions of the house.