He Contract or hospitality responds to the equipment for different spaces of buildings. This sales channel consolidates its growth thanks to the demand for large volumes of products for projects and the need for personalization of products.

The cluster has contributed to this growth by promoting different initiatives to provide vision when it comes to organizing project departments, developing marketing strategies or approaching the profiles leading the prescription of this segment: interior designers, decorators and architects.

The knowledge exchange group in this area has debated such fundamental aspects as identification and detection of prescription profiles, remuneration models of commercial agents or opportunities for improvement and creation of special offers for types of buildings or spaces with specific demands, such as the nautical field.



aman cabanas



Business Hotel Meeting Point

The BHMP is a networking meeting with the aim of connecting cluster companies with hospitality professionals. This year, the participation of fifteen guests was attended, with very varied profiles and related to the hotel management, shopping management or the interior design of national hotel chains. As well as general directors, managers and commercial managers of national companies manufacturers of products for the equipment of spaces.