Habitat companies have begun to reflect on how to reorient their business after the COVID-19 pandemic. The starting point is obvious: health and safety will go a long way toward consumer priorities and will have a significant impact on the design, construction and equipping of spaces. The cluster has released a monographic report that will help companies make strategic decisions at a crucial moment.

What impact will coronavirus have on the future design of spaces, products and services in the habitat sector? This is the question that Habitat Cluster Barcelona (HCB) has begun to answer with its monographic report HABITITY AND HEALTH which can be downloaded for free from their website.

It is a document that gathers the opinions and reflections of some companies associated with the cluster and that offer services and products linked to health in the spaces. Specifically, they are Casals Ventilació, Green Building Management and Eurofred Group. Those in charge of these three organizations have explained the extent to which the present spaces are safe and healthy, they have indicated what areas of improvement are still in this area and they have indicated how the sector will change the current health crisis. They also detail what their respective companies can do in a context like the current one.

HCB Cluster Manager, Clara Santamaria, assured that "We have made this report with the idea of leveraging the knowledge, experience and talent that we have in the cluster to shed some light on a difficult time and with some disorientation". Santamaria also wanted to emphasize that "These days we are seeing a lot of news that demonstrate the benefits of collaboration between different companies in innovating and responding to the needs of the people... So, that is exactly what the cluster does: to foster collaboration to improve the competitiveness of companies and their impact on society".

The HABITAT AND HEALTH report also covers different initiatives and trends that are being pushed around the world in the design, construction and equipping of safer and healthier spaces for everyone.