The gym at home


The design studio FuseProject has devised a new device that can make a fortune after the passage of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a smart mirror called FormeLife. It is a 150cm high mirror that transforms into a complete gym. It comes equipped with speakers, microphone and camera, and can be glued to the wall or held upright thanks to a special support. He also carries other elements of fitness machines: pulleys, rubbers and belts.

FormeLife will transform the mirror into a screen where an interactive instructor will appear offering fitness, boxing and even yoga classes. The goal is to create an immersive 100% experience without the hassle of getting to the gym. In addition, FormeLife also collects all the data from the exercises in order to set routines and challenges achievable by the user.

FormeLife is a prototype that is on sale and will cost close to € 5,000. It can be booked online now.