Essenthia is one of the companies that is part of the Collective of Furniture Companies of La Sènia, an organization that has led an initiative to create methacrylate screens for Covid-19 patients to be intubated, to ensure greater safety to health professionals. 

The idea arose after an anesthetist from Tortosa asked for some protection system to develop her ICU. This professional contributed as an idea, a model developed in Taiwan. From here, all the companies of the Collective have contributed their infrastructure and resources to manufacture and distribute screens that isolate health professionals from COVID-19 patients. The success has been so great that the product has reached hospitals in Valencia, Valladolid, Madrid, Balearic Islands and are now working to meet orders from the United Kingdom.

The model made by the Collective of Furniture Companies of La Sènia is made from methacrylate, and has two holes so that medical professionals can work without the risk of infection. He is also working on a prototype to create folding and disposable partitions, which will facilitate their transport and distribution.

The manager of Essenthia, José Ferrer, is the president of this group that, with this initiative, has managed to help the hospitals of the lands of the Ebro and a remarkable notoriety in the media.

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