EURECAT is the Technology Center of Catalonia and has made its resources available to companies and organizations working to stop the COVID-19 pandemic. EURECAT carries out projects linked to product manufacturing processes as well as analysis through big data or specific platforms. 

Eurecat has established bacterial and viral protection tests to validate the manufacture of new masks and filters, to the point where they have developed their own models and reuse systems. In the same vein, it is also helping to manufacture parts that will speed up the healthcare system's demands, and is working on unifying criteria to enable large-scale, rapid, low-cost, and artificial respirators to be manufactured. security regulations.

Concerning the slope of the study EURECAT is developing an in-country COVID-19 case detection algorithm, a telemedicine solution to care for isolated patients, and has deployed the CONNECARE platform to also facilitate clinical monitoring of those affected.

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