Keys to digital prescription with BIM, standardization and experiences

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the digital working method of the construction sector. BIM is able to create added value, by allowing people, processes and tools to work together and effectively during the entire life cycle of a building.

In this way, construction projects gain in transparency and quality, and the corresponding costs and deadlines enjoy greater reliability. With BIM, the planning, construction and management of buildings is implemented with a higher level of quality without exceeding the agreed budget and deadlines, which means an increase in efficiency, in addition to taking care of resources and the environment.

BIM should be understood as a new paradigm, the transition to a revolutionary integrative scheme in which novel concepts, methods and models of relationship between all stakeholders are handled to improve the efficiency of information management in the Construction, reducing risks and saving time and money.

Resistance to change is our worst enemy, because ignorance induces fear and fear, immobility. BIM is here to stay, and the sooner we become aware of this revolution, the better we will be able to react to the reality before our eyes.


12:00 - 12:05 Welcome Clara Santamaria, HCB Cluster Manager

12: 05- 12.55h Presentation BimeticsPablo CallegarisCristobal Bernal

12: 55h - 13: 10h Success Story Manufacturer: Llaza & Recasens - Cristina Lages

13: 10- 13: 25h Success Story Manufacturer: Unex - Bruno Simoes

13: 25h - 13: 45h Presentation BIMMatchCheli Wasserman

13: 45h- 13: 55h Round Questions


About Bimetics: is the first international platform of Quality BIM objects. Most of the BIM objects contained in the platform are developed and audited with the GDO-BIM Standard.

For Manufacturers of products and materials, the Bimetica platform becomes a strategic partner, as it not only offers visibility to an international community of professionals, but also offers global management tools to optimize investment in BIM.

About Bimmatch: was born in 2019 as a technological solution to speed up the selection and acquisition process in the construction industry. With AI technologies, based on the BIM methodology, they created a platform for all participants in the planning and execution process to communicate, make smart decisions, support green building solutions and buy economically.


Wed Jul 2021


12:00 pm - 1:45 pm


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