Furniture Go International: building alliances, opening markets

The project, driven by eight European clusters and funded by the European Commission, will help SMEs reach new markets through collaboration and innovation. The project will establish a European strategic partnership of Clusters to intensify cooperation within the furniture sector and related industries, within the EU and towards 4 international countries, the United States, Canada, Egypt and South Africa.

Furniture Go International (FGOI) is a project with solid foundations and ambitious goals, which will start at the end of September 2021 and will last for 3 years. It is driven by eight clusters from six European countries that, for the first time, will share all their market knowledge and experience to design internationalization activities designed exclusively for SMEs in the sector and 100% results-oriented. The aim is to provide useful and tailor-made tools to address markets outside the European Union, in particular the United States, Canada, Egypt and South Africa.

The participating clusters are: TFC-Transylvanian Furniture Cluster (Romania), Habic-Association Cluster of Habitat, Wood, Office and Contract Sector (Spain), WIC-Wood Industry Cluster (Slovenia), KCN-Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers (Czech Republic ), ICS-Interior Cluster Sweden (Sweden), PWC- PRO WOOD Regional Cluster (Romania), BFC-Bulgarian Furniture Cluster (Bulgaria) and HCB-Habitat Cluster Barcelona (Spain). Together they add up to more than 500 companies, most of them SMEs. SME members of the clusters are invited to the official launch event of the project (Kick Off Meeting), on October 21, at 11:00 (Spain). The meeting will be organized in a hybrid format and attendees must register HERE

Habitat Cluster Barcelona will be responsible for designing the communication and dissemination strategy for the project and its activities between the partners and the participating SMEs, for supervising the results obtained in each of the planned phases; to promote participation in European events and organize visits for all participating clusters, among other activities.

The project envisages, for example, the creation of long-term international alliances, the presence of permanent contacts in each of the markets of interest to ensure the generation of business opportunities and the design of tailor-made actions for companies. involved.

The European Commission has funded the FGOI project after noting the harsh economic effects of COVID-19 in sectors that usually require products and services from the furniture and wood industry, such as tourism or retail. A 70% of the 130,000 companies in the furniture manufacturing sector in the European Union are medium or small, employing more than a million people.

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