Gabriel is a global textile company built on creativity, craftsmanship and dedication. Based on 169 years of experience, we are specialists in designing and developing sustainable, high quality furniture fabrics.

Gabriel is a niche company which, in the entire value chain from concept to furniture user, develops, manufactures and sells upholstery fabrics, components, upholstered surfaces and related products and services. Gabriel develops its services to be used in fields of application where product features, design and logistics have to meet invariable requirements, and where quality and environmental management must be documented.

Gabriel is to be the preferred development partner and supplier to selected leading international manufacturers and major users of upholstered furniture, seats and upholstered surfaces.


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Contour is a woven polyester fabric distinguished by its multi-directional stretch and excellent recovery making it ideal for upholstery of curved shapes..

Soft-looking, easy on the eye and pleasingly neutral, Contour combines high functionality with subtle elegance. The fabric features three-dimensional textural depth and a bold and refreshing colour scale with 26 hues.


First name: Jesus Benito

Position: Sales Director
Phone:  (+34) 619 71 64 86