Grassoler has been designing and manufacturing sofas for 60 years. Since Wednesday 1 April, in the face of the general emergency situation that has been reached due to the Covid-19, it has been made available to the Hospital del Mar collaborating in the preparation of essential material for the centers of the Barcelona Health Park Consortium. 

Faced with congestion in emergencies, this group, in order to be able to refer patients to Covid-19, has put into operation 2 field hospitals attached to the Hospital del Mar, where they will have 144 more beds. One of the centers enabled as a field hospital is the Municipal Sports Center with a capacity for 72 patients. They have also enabled 72 more beds in a new wing of the Hospital del Mar under construction, which will accommodate patients affected by Covid-19 in critical condition.

It all started by calling on supportive volunteers and asking for raw material, for sewing, for cutting, for packing, etc. Immediately, altruistically, a team of Grassoler workers, fabric suppliers, carriers and volunteers from their homes joined, so they were able to coordinate an incredible solidarity chain, and thus set up production.

In 4 days they have managed to manufacture 500 sheets thanks to the fact that 4 companies made a total of 2,100 mt of fabric and 1,000 mt of elastic tape available to Grassoler. They have donated 5 sofas and several tables to enable various rest areas for toilets. The nurses then made an express request to them and asked, "Could you make masks?" The goal was to be able to ensure the rest of the patients located in a wing under construction and which has huge glass windows instead of walls. The result was the urgent manufacture of 1,500 masks.


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