For more than 120 years Gurdó has been manufacturing and installing carpentry items nationally and internationally. Represents today many countries know-how and experience, offering high-value engineering services.

Specialized in high-end wooden decoration projects, Gurdó manages with and for the client the development of the engineering project, the manufacture of interiors and wooden furniture, and its installation, with a responsible human team, professional and committed.

We are dynamic and dynamic in all the processes and we offer specialized solutions to each client of contract, retail, institutional or production.



Unique projects

Gurdó wants to be a benchmark and market leader in its sector. Our know-how and our manufacturing processes allow us to combine craftsmanship, technology and the experience to obtain products and provide high quality wooden solutions at the national and international levels. All the projects we carry out are custom-made. For us each project is unique, special and different.



First name: Marie Pierre
Position: Business director
E-mail: marie@gurdo.com
Phone: (+34) 647 675 727

C / Galligants (Pol. Ind. Gaserans)
17451 Sant Feliu de Buixalleu
Girona (SPAIN)