Hortalia together with IAAC and Alberch presents a project of ecological terrace for the bars and restaurants of Barcelona

  • Barcelona City Council aims to dignify the city's 1600 new terraces and is launching a test phase of 4 terrace prototype projects.
  • From June 2022, bars and restaurants that want to have a terrace on the street must have one of the prototypes approved by the council.
  • The project is clearly sustainable and uses renewable, reusable, recyclable and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood.

Manresa, 15 June 2021.- In the face of the health and economic crisis generated by Covid, Barcelona City Council gave permission for the restoration to occupy public spaces on the street and expand the terraces. In order to help the sector and as emergency measures, concrete blocks or pylons were used to delimit the mentioned terraces. Currently, with the objectives of extending the permits and dignifying the 1600 new terraces in the city, 4 terrace projects have been submitted to replace the initial emergency formula.

One of these projects has been the result of the collaboration of three organizations: IAAC (Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia), Alberch SA and Hortalia. Specifically, the design of the ecological terrace prototype was born from the hand of the architects Vicente Guallart and Daniel Ibáñez and their team from the IAAC, which is part of the international Fab-Lab network. The Alberch company has supplied FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood and Hortalia has provided the capacity to convert the design of the IAAC, while respecting the essence of the original, into a modular industrializable, marketable and scalable project.

Following the commitment to sustainability of the three organizations involved in the project, there has been a renewable, reusable and recyclable wood. In addition, the selected wood is certified by FSC, an international body that aims to promote environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management for forests around the world.

Barcelona City Council has set June 2022 as the time horizon for bars and restaurants, who want to have a terrace on the street, to have one of the prototypes approved by the council.



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