Innovate with BIM (Building Information Modeling) with the agreement of BIMETICA and HCB

Innovation in the business world is a requirement of the market to stay at the forefront of technology and trends.

For this reason, Habitat Cluster Barcelona and Bimetics have signed a collaboration agreement for the companies associated with the cluster, can innovate their product library, moving from the traditional CAD format to the current format BIM (for its acronym in English of Building Information Modeling).

The initiative consists of the development without costs, of a product in format BIM (Software Revit®, in English and Spanish) to become a pioneering company in technology in the sector AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction).

The goal is to generate business opportunities for the cluster manufacturing company.

Companies requesting development will have to do so through specific form. Interested partners should submit this completed form to


BIM: A Business Opportunity

Developing projects in BIM is a growing demand in the market.
BIM allows to improve the working times generating savings in costs of "Design," Execution "and" Maintenance ". These reasons mean that any actor working in the BIM environment can be at the forefront of technology and be more efficient than their competition by generating new business opportunities and better economic returns.

This market trend presents a direct opportunity for manufacturing companies to participate in the business. Potential prescribers or users are the offices of architecture, engineering or construction companies who demand these BIM libraries to feed their projects by incorporating the manufacturer's brand.

The demand for BIM libraries is generated by the need to incorporate product files with "Real" information.
“Guaranteed” and “Quality” in the project. With this formula, manufacturing companies will participate in the business through sales of their products.


What is a BIM product library?

It is the representation of a real construction product or material in intelligent digital format or BIM (Building
Information Modeling).

BIM product libraries are developed on the basis of parametric design software superior to traditional software with CAD (Computer-Aided Design) technology.
The files of products or materials developed with BIM, contain parameterizable graphical and textual information and
bidirectional that interacts in a project, offering greater reliability in the processes of design, execution and maintenance of a building.


BIM libraries as a working tool

Construction professionals are increasingly using real product BIM files to incorporate into their projects. The libraries of branded products allow to speed up the work of the professional, as they provide the project with information "2D and / or 3D graphics", "Technical" and "Commercial" endorsed by the manufacturer.

This saves time in the design and verification of the information of the product in project, since it is the own manufacturing company that provides them, speeding up the decision-making on the purchase of the product.