In this area of work, actions are developed that allow cluster member companies to know, through the mega world trends, the possibilities of improving their products and services, taking into account the new consumer needs. Advances to changes, responding to sociocultural trends to respond to the new demand. Advancing competition in the development of new products and services, including new business models. In some cases, from collaborations between companies or even cross-sectoral.

The in-depth analysis of current businesses, to detect product-level improvement opportunities, customer loyalty or creation offer additional services to create trusted relationships with customers, beyond commercial relationships.

In this field, there are also cross-sectoral meetings with other clusters to explore opportunities and synergies between sectors that allow us to add knowledge.

One of the current areas of work is the mega trend of the wellbeing that is being worked on in collaboration with the Foodservice Cluster and the Cluster of Efficient Energy in Catalonia.



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strategic immersion

Strategic immersion is the annual meeting of companies and entities associated to the cluster. During a day and a half different professionals of associated companies have the opportunity to know themselves in a relaxed atmosphere, to participate in activities of team building and inspire yourself from the best speakers. Every year, a tailor made program is designed to meet the needs identified by our partners and the best speakers are selected to inspire, contribute knowledge and generate reflections that allow improving the strategies.

bim intercluster day

Fornada BIM_Innovació

The Cluster of the Efficient Energy of Catalonia (CEEC) coorganized in the interclusters day on the BIM - Building Information Modeling methodology. The conference was aimed at both manufacturers of products as prescriptors (engineering, architecture firms, ...), and focused on how to manage the implementation of the BIM methodology in manufacturing companies.

In this day, a hundred attendees from the associated companies of Habitat Clúster Barcelona and the CEEC, as well as other non-associated companies participated.

During the day, there was a debate about the need to centralize all the information on the projects and the BIM was considered as the evolution of the traditional design systems based on the plan. BIM goes beyond the design phases, covering the execution of the project and extending throughout the life cycle of the building, allowing its management and reducing operating costs.