Tel Aviv / Israel

The Israeli company Buildots has developed an innovative system that uses artificial intelligence to detect incidents in building construction processes. Buildots takes images with 360-degree cameras that are analyzed with artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically validate the images. This makes it possible to immediately detect any inconsistencies between the original design, the programming and what is happening on the site, and makes it easier for project managers to make better and faster decisions to reduce construction time, saving time and money. that this entails. In addition, the system also creates a unified environment and increases confidence by having a single source that everyone can turn to to know how the project is evolving. 
Buildots' proposal has been so attractive that in just two years it has secured funding worth more than 40 million euros, which has allowed it to enter the market with offices in Israel and the United Kingdom. This start-up also collaborates with four of the top 10 European construction companies and is used in projects in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia and China.


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