SINCE 1945

JAB is a German multinational textile product publisher, originally from Bielefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia) and founded in 1945. In Spain, it has been located in Barcelona since 1989 and is where the entire Iberian Peninsula is managed.

The product is basically textile for interior design, with the brands JAB, Carlucci and Chivasso in fabric, and JAB Flooring for carpet, carpet and LVT, that is to say, vinyl flooring.

Among the carefully selected upholstery fabrics, there is an enormous range of beautiful decorative fabrics and upholstery, velvety, smooth or silk, as well as specialized fabrics for outdoor use with efficient sun protection.


we highlight


The City Velvet fabrics give an elegant and sophisticated finish to the designs that create them.

Produced by the Chivasso brand that works with high-end fabrics and achieves modern designs without questioning. They make a house turn into a home and add warmth and personality.


First name: Juan Aymerich
E-mail: juan.aymerich-delgado@jab.de
Phone: (+34) 93 412 36 14

Ronda Universidad, 17 pral. 1st
08007 Barcelona