While this JUNG product was already manufactured and distributed before the pandemic, the health crisis has catapulted it among those most in demand. These are a range of antibacterial plugs and switches. The use of advanced materials in the manufacture, allows to obtain a product that eliminates the risk of contagion of bacteria, viruses and germs. 

AS 500 ANTIBACTERIA offers an effective barrier against the transmission of dangerous microorganisms. Special material technology leaves pathogens without food and successfully prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. To do this, silver ions are mixed with the Duroplast material during the production process. Thanks to the antimicrobial properties, they inhibite the reproduction and mutation of pathogenic cells. AS 500 ANTIBACTERIÀ has a design identical to that of the standard AS 500 program. Visual matching makes it possible to easily upgrade from the standard version to the antibacterial version.

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