JUNG installs its mechanisms with matte finishes in the new Hotel Bienvenir in Madrid, designed by Wanna

  • JUNG's LS 990 series in matte alpine white brings a fascinating aesthetic conceptualization to the new 4 * superior hotel.
  • JUNG's new matte finishes have been a resounding success, either in alpine white or graphite black.
  • The higher reflected light scattering index of the matte finish provides a seductive contrast in the decor.

July 19, 2021. - Located on Madrid's Gran Via, the Hotel Bienvenir, designed by the Wanna studio, postulates a change in the philosophy of travel, even of the travelers themselves, through a concept that, applied to the branding and interior design proposal , rescues the most essential and eternal feelings of tourism: belonging, proximity and kindness. In this context, the electrical mechanisms of the series LS 990 of JUNG in its new matte alpine white finish, they add a delicate feeling of excellence and purity that agrees with the seductive aesthetic of interior design.

Wanna, a strategic, creative, independent and multidisciplinary studio, specializing in comprehensive branding and interior design projects, has been chosen by the foreign investment group that owns the property, to make this project a reality. The studio has created the hotel brand and interior design of Bienvenir, which is housed in a building built in the 1930s. Wanna has created a very graphic space of minimal art deco style, in which resounding pure geometries and a categorical use of color block predominate. This is a perfect environment for the new matte texture of JUNG's LS 990 electrical mechanisms, installed in rooms and rooms.

The higher index of reflected light scattering of the matte finish provides a seductive contrast to the visual sound of edges and colors of the proposed interior design. Thus, the electrical mechanisms show a delicate sense of excellence and purity that adds to the timeless elegance of simple lines typical of the JUNG LS 990 series. If we add to this the radiant alpine white with a matte finish chosen by Wanna, we have in the Hotel Bienvenir a fascinating aesthetic conceptualization that explains the philosophy of this new establishment: kindness, full attention and respect.

The visual universe of Bienvenir has been completed with a wide technological deployment that, under the prominence of the matte white alpine finish of the LS 990 series of JUNG, includes not only switches, plugs and pushbuttons, but also two different types of USB chargers, installed in spaces and rooms.

The new matte finishes of JUNG they have reaped resounding success since their recent launch, either in alpine white or graphite black, because they offer design options to interior architects never explored until now. In addition to the legendary LS 990 series, the mat adds new dimensions to the series as well LS CUBE, LS ZERO, A 550 and A FLOW from the German manufacturer.

In all cases, the matte finish adds to the installation the value of the exceptional, one that stands out without pronouncing, only thanks to its personality and temperament. It accentuates its geometry with a silky, velvety touch, and with a high quality visual appearance. All this means a higher appreciation of both the product itself and those who promote and prescribe it. In the case of the ranges of electrical mechanisms of JUNG, it is also an added advantage, also, for those who install them.

Photos Hotel Bienvenir: Caulin Photos