After 50 years designing and manufacturing latch and coin locks, at KEYA we have opted for a global solution for furniture management. At this point we have decided to develop a complete line of electronic locks.

We stand out for our great adaptability, after-sales service and for the quality of the products. We want to reach all types of audiences, from universities to senior management offices or corporate headquarters. We specialize in custom projects, regardless of the quantity to be manufactured.

Our latest big project is a very small scale skateboard specially designed for retail.


we highlight


This is a hidden electronic lock. Only the user knows where to approach the card in order to open or close the piece of furniture, thus giving great importance to the design and material of the piece of furniture.


First name: Antoni Jordà Beiderbeck
Position: Manager
E-mail: comercial@keya.cat
Phone: (+34) 935873610

Crta. Molins de Rei in Caldes, km. 9.8
08191 Ruby
Barcelona (Spain)