Kintsugi Strategy works for companies in the design sector that seek to professionalize their sales teams, position themselves in the contract, hospitality and retail channels and thereby increase sales and profits in the medium term.

Their advice helps the companies they work with to achieve effective communication in the sales channel, position their products in more specialized channels, improve their commercial resources and ensure that information flows smoothly between departments. They are, in short, experts in designing the commercial strategy adapted to the sales channel and the support in the tactical implementation to sell more and sell better.


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At Kintsugi Strategy they are experts in designing business strategies and implementing professional sales networks in the B2B and prescription chain.

To do this they adapt the commercial language to each channel; create national and international sales networks; and form the company’s equipment to sell more and more profitably, avoiding commercial wear and tear.


First name: Alexis Theve
Position: Founding partner
Phone: (+34) 657451442

Joan Maragall, 27
08339 Vilassar de Dalt
Barcelona (Spain)