Kriskadecor creates highly customized projects with aluminum links that offer architects and interior designers a wide range of solutions: space separators, wall coverings, ceilings, facades, lighting elements or any other special structure that can you imagine

The company develops projects in hotels and restaurants, offices, public spaces such as museums and airports, shops, shopping centers, fairs, events and even private residences around the world. Thanks to its patented technology, they can reproduce images and patterns in a wide range of finishes in bright and glossy colors. It currently has a headquarters in Montblanc and another in Phoenix, Arizona

Aura Collection by Yonoh (3)


Aura Collection

It stands out due to the birth of strips of links from the source of light, enveloping and creating volumes in three dimensions that generate a subtle halo around it. The structure is made of lacquered metal and includes matt opal glass diffusers, manufactured in an artisan fashion with Schott borosilicate. You can also choose the height of the tube, the combination of colors and the distance between the focus.


First name: Josep Maria Sans
Position: Commercial Director
Phone: (+34) 977 860 088

Carretera Rojals km 0.05
43400 Montblanc
Tarragona (SPAIN)