In one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of the Polish capital is the Quadrant House. This is a house designed by the KWK Promes studio in 2018 and has a unique property: its terrace is automatically oriented to make the most of sunlight.

The house is L-shaped and the terrace is an extension that moves between the two vertices like the hand of a clock. The system causes the terrace to move automatically following the movement of the sun up to a 90º angle, just like sunflowers do. In this way, the terrace makes the most of the light, and expands the surface of the spaces to which it is attached at both vertices: the dining room on one side and the spa area on the other. The rotation mechanism, which can also be activated manually, has been devised and deployed by the local company Comsta, and has added safety sensors to ensure that the terrace stops its journey in the event of any obstacles.