Aran Kalogroulis is an industrial engineer who has invented the endless shower. It is a shower that manages to recover, filter, sterilize and reuse 6 liters of water constantly and infinitely. The shower works with a system similar to that of springs, filtering and sterilizing water using activated carbon and UVA radiation to remove germs and bacteria.

The result is that while a normal shower can throw 150 liters of water for 10 minutes, Endless Shower always works on a 4% of this amount, circulating the same 6 liters for as long as the user wants. In addition, this system can be installed in homes, offices, sports facilities or even in caravans, boats or bungalows, which frees up a lot of space that until now had to be used for water tanks.

Kalogroulis is working to launch the product on the market in the coming months.