The "Habitat Talent Awards" will take place during the virtual celebration of Habitat Night which will be streamed from the Impact Hub Barcelona 

The Habitat Cluster Barcelona (HBC) has created for the first time the “Habitat Talent Awards”, awards that aim to highlight the talent of the inhabited sector in Catalonia and that will be delivered in the framework of the second edition of Habitat Night, which will take place on Thursday 1 October in a virtual event that will be broadcast live from the Impact Hub Barcelona.

The Habitat Talent Awards will reward the best projects of companies, entrepreneurs and / or start-ups developed in the habitat sector (furniture, lighting, textiles, decoration…). Two categories have been convened. On the one hand, the award for the "most innovative product or project", which will assess the novelty it brings, market acceptance taking into account the criteria of technological innovation, design and sustainability and, on the other hand, the award Collaborative Project ”, where a new project or product resulting from the collaboration between two or more companies and entities in the sector will be valued, which takes advantage of the knowledge and synergies of the members of the sector to develop improvements or new products and / or services.

The finalists in the "Collaborative Project" category are:

  • We decorated the Mayas's Illusion cancer, a decoration project to make the oncology waiting room of the Terrassa University Hospital more friendly.
  • Jòdul tiles by Agustina; an own collection of porcelain stoneware tiles in collaboration with the Agustina design studio.
  • Trencadís by Nutcreatives and Barcelona Rugs, a new collection of modular rugs made with leftovers


The finalists in the "Most innovative product or project" category are:

  • Achilles, Accessing the Future
  • Synergy, Advanced Gastronomy and Emerging Technologies in Catering Spaces
  • Clara Sullà, Textile Art for Acoustic Comfort

The winners will be chosen as part of Habitat Night which will take place on October 1 in an event held streaming from the Impact Hub Barcelona building and led by the interactive presenter and virtual magician, Jordi Nexus. The final decision will fall on a 60% of the jury score and a 40% of the remote voting of the attendees.

Habitat Night is the meeting point of the sector that brings together more than 100 companies and organizations in the sector with the desire to jointly build the future of the inhabited sector and consolidate itself as the leading business event in this field. The HCB wants to become a leading agent in the promotion and contribution of the competitiveness of the entire value chain of the housing sector in Catalonia.


About the Habitat Cluster Barcelona

The Habitat Clúster Barcelona is made up of a group of companies and organizations that work in the market environment of the inhabited sector and that come together to share resources and obtain more and better business opportunities. More than 50 companies are part of the Habitat Clúster Barcelona where they group more than 47,000 workers and with a combined turnover of 5,006 million euros.

Habitat Clúster Barcelona is a business association with legal personality and non-profit whose main objective is to promote and contribute to the competitiveness of the entire value chain of the inhabited sector in Catalonia.

The cluster works transversally with companies in the sector to innovate, help in the evolution of businesses and focus on shared strategic challenges. The cluster ensures the improvement of the competitiveness of the partners, encouraging the creation of synergies and contributing to economic and social development, promoting activities in the inhabited sector.


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