Boosting the brand of industrial-based companies is one of the challenges of the habitat sector. Define strategies for online positioning, brand awareness and social networks.

The habitat sector in Catalonia is recognized for the quality of its products, but it does not have brand recognition as such, neither at a national or international level. The challenge of this area of work is to identify strategies to enhance the brand recognition in the B2C market of industrial companies, at the national level, as well as at the international level. The positioning of the B2B chain is also one of the great challenges for those companies that start working on the prescription.






specialized training


From the cluster we promote and organize different training to cover different specific needs that each of our partners has. An example is the course of Coolhunting, in which different companies from the cluster participated, but also architectural studies and journalists from the sector. The Coolhunting consists in making predictions about changes or new trends in the way of consuming.

The theoretical and practical course has been composed of four sessions, from the analysis, detection and quantification of tendencies to its application for product design. Our expert collaborators from the sector that have given the course have been: Pepa Casado, Vicente Sales and Jose Aranda.

knowledge exchange

Grup marketing reunio

One of the starting points of the days, activities or training that we organize from the cluster comes from the meetings of the knowledge exchange group.

Transversal knowledge from experts from different companies becomes one of the main sources of inspiration for the planning of the activities carried out by the HCB.

Knowledge exchange meetings are the starting point for identifying new collaboration projects based on the identification of common challenges.