Contemporary design furniture from Barcelona since 1973

Founded in 1973, Mobles 114 is a company based in Barcelona that specialises in producing contemporary furniture. Our mission is to create products that improve the quality of public places and homes with unique, timeless designs.

Since it was first set up, Mobles 114 has helped to improve the places we inhabit. This contribution, and our dedication in creating the products in our catalogue, has earned the firm great recognition throughout its history, such as the National Design Award in 2001 (Spain).

We promote innovation and technology and create long-lasting products to help foster sustainable consumption. We strive for environmental coherence in all the different phases of design, production, distribution and marketing. We have a holistic approach that goes beyond the product. Our furniture is made in Barcelona and then distributed around the world, always taking these values into account.


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TRIA is a shelf system, which has remained in the market uninterruptedly since the year of its inception (1978), with absolute relevance in the contemporary design landscape. A multipurpose and complete shelving system and accessories that adapt to all needs.


First name: Mercè Rovira
Position: General Manager
Phone: (+34) 932 600 114

C / Julian Romea, 16 - Baixos 2
08006 Barcelona
Barcelona (Spain)