Noufil, partner ofHabitat Cluster Barcelona, a manufacturer of curtains and textile accessories, has been worrying about the environment for many years.

Apart from waste management, in 2016 they were certified Cradle to Cradle Bronze certification  by one of its roller mechanism ROLLKAS.

Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Program is one of the most rigorous certifications worldwide that goes beyond official law, as well as other certification programs and rewards products that have been designed and manufactured in an environmentally sound manner. This evaluation is based on the analysis of 5 categories: material health, recycling or reuse of materials, renewable energy and carbon footprint management, water management and use, and lastly, the approach is analyzed. social environment of the work environment and the supply chain.

It is for this reason, that Noufil they are completely satisfied that they can offer a 100% curtain with its certified fabric-friendly curtains CRADLE TO CRADLE certified GOLD and CRADLE TO CRADLE certified BRONZE - derived from the recycling of plastics - that can be combined with their ROLLKAS mechanism CRADLE TO CRADLE certified BRONZE.