About 50 km from Malmö, in a quiet and rural area, there is a very special house. It is the studio and home of two interior designers: Magnus Wittbjer and Micha van Dinther. And it is also a tourist apartment and its private showroom. And it is that the TypeO studio has turned its headquarters into a multifunctional space in which potential customers make complete immersion in the services of the studio. To put it another way, it’s experiential selling taken to the extreme.

Anyone can book accommodation in the apartment attached to the studio and experience first-hand and for as long as they want the environments created by the designers. In addition, if you want you can also buy and take away any of the furniture or objects in the apartment, and most of which have been designed by TypeO.

With this measure, and following all the security protocols for the COVID-19, these two designers have managed to create a new source of income while managing to greatly increase sales of their products and services.