Steelcase, a company specializing in the manufacture of office supplies and public spaces, recently announced the start of a joint investigation with scientists at MIT in Massachusetts. The aim of the work is to analyze in depth the dynamics of the spread and transmission of viral diseases in work environments. The study aims to get information on how viruses behave when people move, breathe, cough or sneeze at distances in most offices. The results will be used to develop designs that help minimize the risk of infection at work, whether from COVID-19 or any other contagious disease.

The study will also delve into the most optimal furniture materials and configurations to prevent the spread of viruses. And it is that according to the studies Gensler 2020 Work From Home Study and Cushman Wakefield Future of the Workplace 2020, between 88 and 90% of the people who have had to work at home during the pandemic prefer to return to the office whenever it is a completely safe place.