Habitat Clúster Barcelona is a business association with a legal and non-profit nature whose main objective is to promote and contribute to the competitiveness of the entire chain of value of the habitat sector in Catalonia.

We work transversally with companies in the sector to innovate, we help in the evolution of business and focus on shared strategic challenges.

What is a cluster?

A cluster is a group of organizations operating in the same market and joining together to obtain competitive advantages. It is a new way of understanding business based on cooperating more to compete better.

What is the main benefit of participating in the cluster?

The competitiveness of a brand depends on its individual strategy and on the quality of the environment.

The cluster allows to improve both things: they help modify the strategy to move to a more profitable business and develop plans to improve the quality of the environment. Cluster initiatives provide market intelligence, value networking and the possibility to participate in transformational projects.


Ensure the improvement of the competitiveness of the partners, promoting the creation of synergies and contributing to the economic and social development, promoting activities of the habitat sector.


Become a reference entity in the field of habitat, position the cluster as a hub of solutions of the sector, which allows our partners to improve their visibility, competitiveness and business opportunities.

HCB must be an entity that transforms knowledge into industrial realities, organized to respond to change while maintaining financial self-sufficiency.



Collaboration, teamwork to take advantage of synergies and human potential. Spirit of service. Proactive to innovation and creativity to adapt our strategy to the constant changes of the sector.

Commitment, loyalty and honesty with our partners and partners. Quality and excellence in all the activities we develop.


Being part of the cluster is to integrate into an optimum ecosystem to improve business opportunities


We have a deep knowledge of the sector. We detect opportunities and risks and share this information with the partners.


We constantly facilitate the contact and knowledge between the members of the cluster. We also encourage cooperative projects.


We promote innovation as a key element for competitiveness. We help generate ideas that can be successful in the market.


We help companies that want to expand their range of action and open new markets, national or international.


We grant access to funding lines and public and private funding sources. We are looking for resources for new projects.


We organize workshops and training sessions Specialized with the aim of guaranteeing a continuous and high added value training.