Casals Ventilation presents REINTAIR, a solution plug and play, without installation, to turn any space into a healthy environment. Air purifiers REINTAIR recirculate indoor air and reduce viral load in the room by trapping suspended particles with their absolute filters HEPA 14, which makes it suitable even for UCIs. Especially suitable for fighting the COVID-19.

With double insulating panel, REINTAIR, is completely silent. It has very easy access to the filters which makes it easier to maintain and is equipped with wheels for comfortable movement.


It is designed to reduce the viral load of the stays given the constant air renewals that it carries out.

1. Reduction of dust particles, odors and polluting microorganisms. Thus creating a healthier environment. Ideal for people with allergies and asthma.

2. Apart from a healthier work environment, they reduce the need for cleaning, as they eliminate a large portion of the dust that is generated daily.

3. Double filtration stage with two filter packs ABSOLUTE HEPA H14 and Molecular filter that in a matter of hours will reduce a large number of particles in the air such as microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, molecules, etc.

4. Equipped with high efficiency and quiet fans to ensure low energy consumption.


Designed for all types of interior spaces such as:

• The health sector

• Offices

• Hotels

• Homes

• Universities

• Schools

In short, for any public space where a high quality air purification is required since the purifiers REINTAIR are equipped with high efficiency HEPA H14 filters.

Designed to be easily moved indoors, making them the best solution for:

• Ventilation of workplaces.

• The health sector (waiting rooms, corridors, rooms, field hospitals, common areas, clinics, pharmacies).

• The tertiary and industrial sector (offices, hotels, universities, schools, public institutions, warehouses, living rooms in restaurants).

• The residential sector (single-family flats and houses).

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