In this area, we cover all those commercial channels, both online and physical. It is precisely the interaction between the two channels where innovation is found in the habitat sector.

Experts agree that traditional retail tends to disappear, at least in the way we know it today. The introduction of new marketing concepts: pop up stores, corners or shop in shop are some of the concepts worked during these years within the framework of the cluster, promoting the relationship between retail and industrial companies to enhance brand and improve their visibility.

Even today, Retail represents one of the main businesses of the companies that integrate the Habitat cluster, which is why, despite diversifying in other channels such as the contract, the improvement of the sales formats and operations for this channel is sought. It is time to put the focus on omnocalidad, promoting the sale online, either through own or third-party Marketplace. Specialists or generalists like Amazon, Venta privee or Privalia.

Because it is a very emerging area and in which short-term structural changes are expected, it has been considered a strategic area with a great potential for the development of projects focused on research and trend detection, as well as international experiences.


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sector visits

Visita Elab720

Visit factories, showroomsinnovative spaces can be an inspirational exercise for cluster companies. Knowing the manufacturing processes, the materials, the technologies used ... not only allows you to know more about the product and the capabilities of the company but also to open new avenues of collaboration such as co-creation.

A good example is the visit to 720 ELAB to know the latest technology applied to retail and the possibilities of capturing data to better the user's experience in stores.

The goal is to develop a multiplatform solution for brands to have as much information as possible about the purchasing trends of users. The solution of 720 e-lab is the sum of the best technological experiences in the world dedicated to offering accurate measures and figures that help brands and retailers to extract information about their customers' purchasing behavior. Based on the analysis of these data, the brands can draw reliable conclusions about consumer purchasing decisions and produce and create marketing strategies based on real market demand.