In Sonpura we are manufacturers of resting equipments since 1969. Our trajectory has allowed us to have the widest range in the national market, positioning us as specialists in bagged springs, developing Multisac® technology.

We rely on innovation and therefore, on upholstered bases, we have also patented a unique stability system for the legs: Base - Fix®, which provides a longer life at the base.

Our facilities have more than 16,000m 2, investing permanently in state-of-the-art machinery.

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we highlight

Multisac Micro of 1,300

Shelled micromoules Chosen by 2016 and 2017 by consumers as the best bagged spring in relation to price-quality. Its technology offers ergonomic precision, independence of beds and maximum breathability.

The padding features viscoelastic, which is a thermosensitive material that reduces the pressure points, adapting to the body completely by reaction to body temperature.


First name: Susana Soriano
Position: Managing Director
Phone: (+34) 937 889 243

C / Sant Miquel del Toudell, S / N
08232 Viladecavalls