As a transverse axis, it is the area in which all the lines of improvement to the environmental level of selection of materials that are more environmentally friendly are included. The detection of more sustainable logistics solutions, alternative packaging, or improvements in the product design that allow minimizing the waste in its manufacture and end of life.

The circular economy is also one of the areas of interest in this area, as an opportunity to detect new life in materials and products at the end of their useful lives, even by encouraging the creation of new opportunities for revaluation of by-products or waste for new applications.

One of the ongoing initiatives is the creation of a discussion table on the management of bulky waste to find agreements for the improvement of the management of furniture or mattress waste. It wants to raise awareness among manufacturers, but also to give waste managers the opportunity to know the reality and needs of the industrialists in this field, to promote collaborative projects that provide solutions.



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During the session, we worked on the different business areas to look for opportunities for improvement of cluster companies from the point of view of sustainability. Starting with product design, choice of materials, transportation, packaging, manufacturing based on efficient processes, product life, communication and dissemination of good practices and end of life.

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The meeting began with a block of talks in the field of packaging, where Ignasi Cubiñà (EIG), exposed the advantages of Cradle to Cradle® as a methodology of design and verification of the circular economy, showing concrete examples and possibilities by the world of the habitat.

The session also served to network and find managers of companies in complementary sectors, which ended with a Manual Thinking dynamic to work on specific challenges of interest that gave rise to the session, such as the new business models, sustainability and e-commerce.