Endearing fabrics


The London Underground has been transporting people around the city for over 100 years, and has helped to iconise different images and products. From the indicative logo of the stations to the famous Mind The Gap. But The Tube's identity has also been forged thanks to its upholstery. Each of the trains has had from its origin a unique and exclusive upholstery design. A pattern that has changed over time but has always maintained exclusivity, to the point that the only way to have an object with this fabric was to buy a pillow or bag at the London Underground Museum.

But that has changed. The textile design studio Kirkby Design has been working with Transport For London and the tube archivists to recover the fabrics that are no longer in any wagon. The goal is to get them back, value them and make them accessible to anyone who wants them. The first collection was presented at the last London Design Festival, and, of course, was made inside a wagon with 52 years of history. The success was immediate, and many people bought these fabrics with unique color palettes and geometric shapes.