Lily Turner is a young artist and interior designer who has created her company from a product. The story is simple: a friend from Los Angeles asked him to design a rug that would generate some sort of optical illusion. The idea was to put it somewhere in the house to surprise and laugh with the guests. Lily devised a rug with a design that from anywhere in the room looked like a hole a person could swallow and commissioned a company to make a unit out of it. Thus was born a successful prototype, as his friend was excited and many of the people who saw the carpet asked for his reference.

The Vortex Rug was born, the first of the three designs that Lily now has on her website and which have become her source of income thanks to the more than 5,000 orders she has already received from around the world. . These amazing handmade rugs with 3D visual effect cost from € 82 (when there are no current offers) and are 90 cm in diameter.