Woodslines, manufactures solid wood acoustic panels, for both wall and ceiling applications. We offer a wide range of acoustic products, which meet the highest demands of architects, taking care of aesthetics and the environment.

Our panels are made of solid wood, with very strict selection criteria, giving priority to the "eco-friendly" aspect in our products. We offer a range of standard products, and offer the possibility of producing custom panels, responding to all the needs of the market.

Woodslines panels are available in different types of wood (northern pine, honeydew, natural oak ...) with natural finishes, transparent varnish or with a wide range of stains. We also offer the possibility of integrating LEDs in our panels, to provide a lighting solution to the installed space, in addition to the acoustic function.


we highlight

Sound-absorbing panels

The outstanding product of Woodslines is the solution of sound-absorbing panels, to apply on walls and ceilings. They are panels made entirely of solid wood, and complying with fire resistance regulations B, S2; D0.

We also offer the possibility of integrating LEDs in our panels, to add to the sound absorption function, a lighting solution.


First name: Emmanuel Gentis / Albert Pablo Calmet
E-mail: egentis@woodslines.com / apablo@woodslines.com
Phone: (+34) 639 164 258 / (+34) 639 727 292

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08228 Terrassa
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