Yutes began as a jute manufacturer for the sack industry, and with the appearance of chemical fibers, we began the production of fabrics for decoration. The desire to make a product that responded to a certain lifestyle and decoration, made us decide to work exclusively with natural fibers, basically linen, cotton, hemp and obviously jute.

We weave fabrics for home decoration, whether curtains or upholstery. High quality fabrics with our own designs and innovative finishes. Today, Yutes is recognized for its personal style and different from other market manufacturers.

We explore the models in which fabrics and curtains change the spaces where we live. Every house and every moment needs different fabrics. We are aware of this and thus we design a wide collection of fabrics that range from curtains to Jacquard fabrics. A great fan for every need.

PAPER LINEN colección visillos 70�LI 30�PAPEL 330cm

we highlight

Paper Linen

It is a collection of fabrics of geometric designs, which combine two natural fibers; Linen and paper. The paper thread, which is produced in Japan, is soft, very light, water resistant and biodegradable. Like linen, it absorbs moisture very easily and dries very quickly. The combination of the two fibers produces a delicate bolted effect.


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